Before starting your appliance for the first time, add a second harddrive that you will use to export the local storage.
I have added the example configuration files to the OVA, you can find them in /root/pmsapp/examples
There are also some extra scripts that might ease the configuration.
You can find them in /root/pmsapp/scripts
See explanation for the scripts at the bottom of this page.

Follow the steps below to configure your appliance.

Script explanation:

    Ensure that cluster services are started during boot and generate password for the ricci user.
    Start the cluster services – cman, rgmanager, modclusterd and ricci.
    Create /dev/md0 as a raid 5 with 3 members.
    Arguments: The 3 devices that should be members of the RAID set.
    Example: ./ /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd.
    Create /dev/md0 as a mirror (raid 1) with 2 members.
    Arguments: The 2 devices that should be members of the RAID set.
    Example: ./ /dev/sdb /dev/sdc.
    Generate /etc/mdadm.conf from a running raid array.
    Discover an iSCSI target.
    Arguments: Name or IP of the system that should be discovered.
    Example: ./
    Login to an iSCSI target.
    Arguments: Target name and name or IP of the target system.
    Example: ./
    Show disk devices present in the system.

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